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Pictures by EcoRuralis, Romania



The initiatives listed/described below are the result of a mapping activity carried out under the AE4EU project and through a LIFE operating grant which involved a large number of organisations. This mapping of agroecology was carried out in different European countries with a common methodology. The information collected was organised according to the three major elements commonly recognised as making up agroecology, as a scientific discipline, a set of practices, and a social movement (Wezel et al. 2009). 
To take into consideration complementary aspects and the European dynamic on the topic, as well as the European partnership in agroecology, the "Living labs' activity categories was added as recognised and spotlighted by the European Commission in its project “Agroecology living labs and research infrastructures” (Wezel, A., Grard, B. and Gkisakis. V. (eds) 2023. Agroecology in Europe. Country Reports Series, Vol. 1, ISARA, Lyon, France; Agroecology Europe, Corbais, Belgium.)

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